• Cordless

Ultimate freedom, ultimate style

Handheld phones form an integral part of today's businesses communications. Wider reception gives you the freedom to move around, while the range of phones available means there is always one that meets your individual requirements. Whether it’s a waterproof and robust phone or a sleek and stylish option with extra features, we have the solutions for you.

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The professional on every level

The SL610H PRO  phone is the ultimate in handheld phones. With its sleek appearance and vast range of options, it is ideal for those who expect a lot from their telephone system.
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Robust and convenient

The S510H PRO  handset is the perfect crossover between a home and business phone. This handset is easy to use and install, while providing a number of convenient extras to make your life a little bit easier.
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Setting new standards in business communication

The S650H PRO is the ultimate comfort handset in the Gigaset pro cordless range. It’s easy to install and straightforward to use, while providing a number of handy extras at your fingertips. The incredible sound, different audio profiles, and scratch and disinfectant protection make this the ideal handset to support you every day in your business communication.
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Ruggedized to operate in
the toughest environments

The R630H PRO is the rugged business phone, designed so that you can have great quality business conversations no matter what your environment. Equipped with key features that protect your phone against dust and splashes, it’s the ideal tool for rough business days: it is even shock resistant.
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The driving force

As in the mobile world, handheld phones are connected to the outside world via base stations. Your communication needs determine the number of base stations required. You do not see them, but you benefit from them as you enjoy calls in perfect audio quality.

The perfect solution
for small, medium and large businesses

Is your business expanding? Then the N720 DECT IP Multicell system can grow with it - add up to 30 base stations and 100 handsets.
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For small businesses
aiming for higher productivity

All companies need a base station to direct their communication. The N510 IP PRO is suitable SMB customers, as up to six handsets can be connected to this base station. The N510 IP PRO also supports up to 6 SIP accounts with 4 concurrent calls.
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Flexibility and comfort

More than just an add-on, our accessories expand your capabilities, your efficiency and reach. The Repeater enhances the range of the base stations and makes sure all handsets stay in operation.

Double your range
of cordless conversations

The range in your surrounding depends on the environment the cordless phones in. The standard range of DECT base stations is between 50 and 300 meters. In situations where offices contain a lot of metal in the walls and floors the range will be shortened because of that. In situations at warehouses and garden centers for example - the range must be extended. Otherwise, no chance to overtake the large distances with the cordless phone. Within the extended wireless range, you can move freely while receiving calls and performing internal-external calls.
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